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Butterflies Children's Day Nursery in Cannock

Newsletter – September, October & November 2017


We would like to welcome all the new children who have started and who are due to start with us.  We would also like to welcome back those who are here on a term time only basis.

The themes for September/October are Stories and autumn.
We will be turning the role play area into a library, the small world area into a bear hunt and the construction area into the 3 little pigs.

We will be discussing the changing of the seasons, and how this affects plants and animals.  If you have any pictures of your child playing outside during the autumn months it would be great if you could bring them in for all the other children to see.  We can then talk about all the fun we can still have outside.

We will be having a Halloween party on Tuesday 31st October.  It would be great if the children could dress up spooky and scary.  At the party there will be the following activities:
• Bobbing apples
• Jelly slime play
• Digging for bones

Bonfire night is 5th November and as this falls on a weekend we will be drawing firework pictures from the week commencing 30th October.

Working in partnership with parents
As a nursery, we like to work with you as parents, to ensure your child is happy.  If you have any concerns, no matter how small please bring these to our attention as we may be able to assist.

Price increases
We have recently reviewed our pricing structure, and despite an increase in overheads many of the prices remain the same.  The hourly rates for 5 and 6 hours have changed slightly.  Due to substantial increases in food costs, unfortunately we have had to increase the meals to £3.00 each.

Children bringing in Toys
If your child brings in any toys, can you please ensure they are put in their bags in the cloakroom.  We will not be responsible if they go missing after they have taken them into the play areas.

Lost property
We have a lost property box, as many clothing items do not have names.   The box will be emptied at the end of every month.  Please check the property box on a regular basis for any items you may be missing as any items remaining will be sent to a local charity shop.

The weather is now changing but the children will still have outside play.  Please ensure their coats, hats, gloves and wellies are provided and labelled with their name.  Please label all their clothing as we have over 35 children in during any one week and are unable to remember who arrived in what clothes.

We have the benefit of grass outside which in the wetter months can become quite muddy.  In addition we also have a mud kitchen outside which the kids love to play in.  Please try not to send them in their best clothes as they will undoubtedly get dirty.

The contract has now been updated, and we are no longer offering care at a reduced cost when holidays are taken.  We will continue to need a completed holiday request form to ensure we are aware of those who are due in nursery. 
We will be closed from Monday 25th December, and re-open on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.  If you would like to take holidays during the remainder of the festive season please book these by providing the 4 weeks’ notice to keep us informed.
If you do need care during the week commencing 25th December please speak to a member of staff.

Invoice and letters
Any letters and monthly invoices will be put into your child’s bag when they are here.  Please check their bag regularly for any new information or invoices which may have been issued.

Thank you.