Our Day Nursery

The staff at Butterflies Day Nursery in Cannock are passionate about providing quality care for your child.

The Butterflies Day Nursery has a lovely open plan main room in which the children are able to join in with individual and group activities and yet have lots of space to themselves if needed. There is a quiet and sensory room for story time and one to one time with staff members working with your child.

play, create, explore

Butterflies Day Nursery’s staff will motivate your child allowing them to fulfil their potential and support their emotional well-being; gradually building their confidence to play, create and explore.
Each child at Butterflies are allocated a Key Person so that they can enjoy the individual attention that they deserve. The Key Person also provides the ideal contact for communication to parents ensuring a clear line of communication for parents and guardians.
Play at Butterflies Nursery in Cannock

Healthy Eating at Butterflies Nursery in Cannock


healthy eating
The main room also provides access to the enclosed rear gardens with lots of outdoor toys. The outdoor play area and the main hall provide the perfect space for children to take regular exercise while at Butterflies Day Nursery. The staff promote good health through exercise and good food with healthy eating encouraged at meal times with a selection of fresh fruit and healthy snacks available.