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At Butterflies Nursery we like to work with you as parents, to ensure your child is happy.

Working in partnership with parents
As a nursery, we like to work with you as parents, to ensure your child is happy.  If you have any concerns, no matter how small please bring these to our attention as we may be able to assist.

Homework for older children
We will now be preparing the children for their future years and will issue homework to help with their learning.  We would be grateful if this could be completed and returned within a week of it being issued.
When you are out and about please discuss colours, letters/words and numbers with your child.  This really does help them to retain information.

Please label all the clothing as we have over 40 children in during any one week and are unable to remember who arrived in what clothes. We can’t be responsible for clothing that goes missing that does not have their name in.

Please do not send them in their best clothes as they will undoubtedly get dirty.
Can we also ask that each child provides there own juice cup to left at nursery
We also ask that children do not bring there own toys into nursery we cant be responsible if these are lost.

Childcare times
Please ensure you drop your children off and collect them at the times they are booked in for.  Staffing is based upon the times each child is booked in and we may not be able to accept your child if you are early as we must ensure we remain within ratio guidelines.  You will have to wait until the time they are booked in.  If you are likely to be late it is very important to keep us informed.  Additional charges will apply.

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Thank you for your continued support.
Chrissie and the team